Distinctive Features of this School

History of Nakamura Schools, where top class professionals are educated

History of the Nakamura Schools

Over 60 years of history and reputation

Nakamura School was established in 1949. A professional training college with over 60 years of history.
Turned out more than 10,000 graduates, who have succeeded in the country as well as overseas

-The strong network that supports Nakamura Schools-

Incorporated Educational Institution Nakamura Senshu Gakuen (related corporation) Incorporated Educational Institution Nakamura Gakuen

  • Nakamura Culinary School
  • Nakamura International Hotel School

- Nakamura Gakuen University
- Nakamura Gakuen University Junior College
- Nakamura Gakuen Sanyo Junior
   and Senior High School
- Nakamura Gakuen Girls' High School
- Nakamura Gakuen Iki Kindergarten
- Nakamura Gakuen Asahi Kindergarten
- Nakamura Gakuen Ohisama Preschool
- Operations department of Nakamura Gakuen

Study Japan's top level service skills.

You will be able to study a variety of first-class services that Japan boasts to the world!

Study Japan's top level service skills.

Hotelmanship Theory

We will invite speakers who are actively at work in the frontline of business such as hotel managers and general managers/managers, and have them share how enjoyable and fulfilling their jobs are in the hotel industry.

Hotel manner

You will acquire basic skills such as appropriate language, greetings, and behavior through actual practices.

Strength in practical use and international performance

Nakamura International Hotel School's own curriculum which will help you acquire English while studying in Japan

English conversation

You will study English which is applicable in actual work scenes, and acquire knowledge on communication for practical use.

English conversation

Strength in practical use and international performance

Industrial internship in world famous hotels

Industrial internship in world famous hotels, experiencing hotel wedding scenes

Industrial internship in world famous hotels

Practical trainings at Japan's most famous hotels will be your strength to grow and develop.

You are able to use our own network throughout the country to put this industrial internship to action. Through actual training practices you will deepen knowledge gained in class lessons, and also acquire the ability to judge and apply in actual work scenes.

Practical trainings at Japan's most famous hotels will be your strength to grow and develop.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Complete equipment and facility

Nakamura International Hotel School's orthodox method and comfort to support your growth and development

Japan's top level, training rooms with realistic replication of Japan's hotel scenes

  • Guest room training

    Guest training room

  • Student's hall

    Student's hall

  • Banquet training rooms

    Banquet training room

  • Wedding training

    Wedding training room

  • Restaurant simulation

    Restaurant simulation room

  • Computer rooms

    Computer room

  • Stairway class rooms

    Stairway class rooms

  • Rooftop gardens

    Roof-top gardens

  • Library


Outstanding employment rate

After graduating Nakamura International Hotel School, applying for jobs in Japan will also be available.

Outstanding employment rate

Here are some reasons why Nakamura gives advantages for employment inJapan!

  • Authorized by many hotels as "Employment designated school".
  • Our curriculum is focused on practical training so you will have strength for actual performance!
  • Getting employment from desired companies with our thorough career counseling!

Year 2006 98.1%,Year 2007 100.0%,Year 2008 100.0%,Year 2009 97.9%,Year 2010 92.8%,Year 2011 95.6%,Year 2013年度100% 2014年度100%

Recently, many travelers from abroad are visiting Japan.

Recently, many travelers from abroad are visiting Japan.

Recently, many travelers from abroad are visiting Japan. (*Refer to: left Table) Formerly travelers visited Japan in groups for shopping, but they are shifting to individual visitors traveling for hot springs, esthetic salons, and seeking for comfort. Japan has clear air and rich in nature. Also has fresh and delicious food which attracts many travelers from abroad and became a popular country.


Composed based on references from Japan National Tourism Organization

You are certain to have the possibility to be employed!

In the flow of the times, it is inevitable for hotels in Japan to acquire employees who can speak Chinese, Korean, and English. However, this does not mean that anyone applies. The big point in employing will be that you understand, acquired, and are able to perform Japanese service skills.

※Please refer to the standards of Japan's Immigration Bereau regarding
   the issuance of Japanese working visa

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