Fascinating points of Fukuoka

Fukuoka is 14th place in the world!

In 2010, Fukuoka was chosen 14th place of “the world's best 25 cities to live in”.

"Fukuoka city" the largest city in Kyushu, is also called the entrance of Asia and has been the center of trade with Asian countries for a long time. Fukuoka city, the center of culture, economy, and transportation of Kyushu includes central areas for commerce such as Hakata and Tenjin, where fashion, music and food creates its own world that cannot be disconnected with Asia.

As it was announced in the magazine called "MONOCLE", Fukuoka was chosen 14th place for "year 2010 ranking of the world’s best cities to live in". This shows that Fukuoka is a nice place to live in when seen by other people from abroad as well.

Also, transportation such as subways, trains, and ships are developed so moving around in the city as well as going outside the country is easy to do in this city.

Fascinating points of Fukuoka. image1 Fascinating points of Fukuoka. image2 Fascinating points of Fukuoka. image3 Fascinating points of Fukuoka. image4

  • Rich food culture

    Rich food culture

  • World-class service

    World-class service

  • Rich and full of nature

    Rich and full of nature

Numbers that represent Fukuoka

To get a better understanding of Fukuoka, please look at some of the representative numbers.

  • The population of Fukuoka is 1.5million and the population is increasing.
  • The total area of Fukuoka is 4,978 square kilometers,the 29th largest in the country.
  • The prices of commodities are low in Fukuoka.
  • The GDP in Fukuoka is 18 Trillion yen.9th place in the country
  • Fukuoka has a history of 400 years.
  • Number of foreign students in Fukuoka 10,635 persons.2nd place in the country.

Part-time job supporting information

Under "paragraph 1 of article 4 and paragraph 2 of article 33 of the Employment Security Act" our School supports students with "free introductions to part-time jobs" and safe studying environment by using our network of restaurants, and hotels to work in.

The part-time job situation of the foreign student (Example)

Country name Part-time job location Hourly wage Remarks
China Wedding Company 10,000 Yen/Day Shop of Nakamura graduates
Korea Izakaya bar 800 Yen/Hour Shop of Nakamura graduates
Korea Sushi shop 750 Yen/Hour~800 Yen/Hour  
Korea Cake Shop 700 Yen/Hour Shop of Nakamura graduates
Korea Cake Shop 740 Yen/Hour  

For student dormitory

Below is a list of dormitories for the students of Nakamura Culinary School and Nakamura International Hotel School.

Dormitories name Residents Japanese guarantor Monthly rent(yen)
Nakamura Ohashi Ryo Ⅰ Male only Not required   32,000
Dormy Hirao Male only Not required   43,000 ※2
Dormy Ohashi Co-ed Not required   51,000 ※2
Dormy Fukuoka 2 Female only Required   51,000 ※2
Dormy Shimo-ori Female only

Not required

  51,000 ※2
Blueberry House Male only Required   58,460 ※2
Clover House Female only Required   55,460 ※2

※1. Upon entering a dormitory, students will be required to pay an annual service charge and deposit in addition to the dormitory entrance fee.

※2. Monthly dormitory fee (rent) includes meals.

About Nakamura Ohashi Domitory Ⅰ





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