Distinctive Features of the Academic Courses

Bridal management 2 years Course

Study inspiring weddings in Japan.

Become a professional in supporting the “once in a lifetime” inspiration. Study with all your strength, and do your best to make your dreams come true.

Nakamura International Hotel School offers actual training programs will help you enhance your sense, knowledge, and technique.

Bridal Curriculums

In-class training practice

Study Japan’s top level service skills.

Cultivating the ability to perform on actual business scenes, with our 2 year course filled with actual training practices.

What is hospitality in Japan?Nakamura International Hotel School’s practical training programs which will help you cultivate true hospitality naturally. Nakamura International Hotel School’s original curriculum.

Nakamura International Hotel School

  • Color coordination
  • Study by observing weddings
  • Practical bridal services

Industrial Internship

We offer Bridal industry internships, using our network throughout the country.

Will be able to experience professional work, and learn careful service required at actual work scenes.

Industrial Internship image1

Industrial Internship image2

Industrial Internship image3

Arkangel Geihinkan (Hakata)

Industrial Internship image4


Paris white villa, with pool in the garden, and other luxurious facilities available for reservation. "Take and Give Needs" offers the popular house wedding site.

Concentraion will help you grow. Our school has many programs that you will only be able to experience here, through practical training.

Before practical training I was worried, but I am very happy now that I accomplished skills which I could not have done before like, holding 3dishes and pouring champagne. I was able to experience the importance of communication between staff through actual service at a wedding reception.

Industrial Internship image5

Industrial Internship image6

Industrial Internship image7

Grand Pacific Le Daiba

Industrial Internship image8

Located in "Odaiba" Tokyo glowing in the sky and ocean, Grand Pacific Le Daiba is an urban resort hotel with great view and location.


Coming in contact with “professionalism” will increase your motivation.

I have been stimulated greatly by actually experiencing high performance of professionalism, which I could not have accomplished by studying in class only. Also, I am very happy when I can naturally respond, because I know "what to look at", and "what to be careful with" from class lessons. I have repeatedly felt that accumulation of study is important.

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