Distinctive Features of the Academic Courses

Hotel management 2 years Course

The deep world of hotels.Study abroad in Japan and brush up your hospitality skills as well as your future.

Nakamura International Hotel School offers practical training programs will help you enhance your sense, knowledge, and technique.

Hotel Curriculum

Nakamura original curriculum

  • Hotelmanship theory
  • English conversation
  • Restaurant operation training

In-class practical training

Study Japan's top level service skills.

Cultivate the ability to perform on actual work scenes, from our 2-year practical training courses.

What is hospitality in Japan? Nakamura International Hotel School's practical training programs which will help you cultivate true hospitality naturally.

  • Guest room operation

    Hotel Course

    Guest room operation

  • Front operation

    Hotel Course

    Front operation

  • R&B service operation

    Hotel Course

    R&B service operation

Industrial internship

We offer internships in famous hotels, using our network throughout the country.

Through actual training practices you will deepen knowledge gained in class lessons, and also acquire the ability to judge and apply in actual work scenes.

Industrial internship image1

Industrial internship image2

Industrial internship image3

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Industrial internship image4

Industrial internship image5


Located on the 39th to 52nd floors of Shinjuku Park Tower, you will have a great view of Tokyo from every room.

Practical trainings at Japan's most famous hotels will be your strength to improve and develop.

I chose "Park Hyatt Tokyo" famous in Tokyo, to study and experience true hospitality. Their work was complete and thorough, based on the idea that every move they make will effect customer satisfaction. I would like to improve my skills from what I experienced there.

Industrial internship image6

Industrial internship image7

Industrial internship image8

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

Industrial internship image9

Located in a complex facility called "Hawks Town" in "Seaside Momochi" area of Fukuoka city, this hotel is an urban resort hotel with 36 floors and 1,053 guest rooms.


I will never forget to 'perform the role of a hotel staff'

I was very happy to have this opportunity to be trained in one of the world famous hotels from other countries. My superiors taught me "to always perform the role of a hotel staff under any circumstances". I will go toward my goals to become a professional keeping these words in mind.

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