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Kim KwangBo

 Kim KwangBo

I entered Nakamura School because
I was searching for a school in Japan with the best instructors.

  • Current student
  • April, 2013 entered Confectionery technique course
  • Wang ZhengDong
  • [from China]

How was your student life?

I had a marvelous time. Not only were the lectures really good, but I also felt inspired because the teachers were earnest and kind. Most of the classes were for cooking practice. We prepared a wide variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. Through practice, I learned "how to work with others, instead of cooking alone". I was also surprised that many famous chefs, who are successful throughout the world, visited to give lectures at our school. At school, I made a lot of Japanese friends, and overcame the hardships of learning.

 How is life in Fukuoka City?

Fukuoka has a number of foreign students, and it is easy to live here. In addition, compared to other cities, foods (especially Japanese food, particularly, sushi, sliced raw fish, and rice bowl dishes) are outstandingly delicious.

Did you have a part-time job?

When I was a student, I worked part-time as a cook at a Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka. My purpose of working was to earn a living, but more than just that, I think I was able to improve my cooking skills which I learned at school through my part-time job.



Fukuoka is a perfect locationto live
and study in.

  • Graduate Graduated in March, 2010
  • Currently is an owner of a Korean restaurant
called “Namu on the 7th Floor”

  • Seong-Woon Jeong
  • [from Seoul]

Seong-Woon Jeong

Why did you choose Nakamura?

Before entering this school I studied cookery in Europe and Korea, but in Japan I found out that I can learn about cookery with good balance. I also chose Nakamura Culinary School out of all the others because you can study cooking techniques and knowledge as well as interacting with people in Japan.

How is your student life in Nakamura?

My Japanese friends were very kind to me and I had a very fun time at school. My instructor was also very dedicated and I even learned to write the menu on my own. Also, I have learned that cookery is not only about ingredients and recipe but communication with people is also included. The biggest accomplishment I had at Nakamura Culinary School is learning the cultural background as a total of cookery.

How is your daily life in Fukuoka?

Fukuoka is compact and well arranged so it is easy to live in. Best of all, the food or ingredients are very fresh and delicious! Currently, I own a restaurant called “Namu on the 7th Floor” and the menu with Japanese, Western, and Chinese taste all counted in is what I take pride in. The experiences I gained by learning Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine helped me with this idea.

Do you do any part-time jobs?

While attending school I wanted to concentrate on studying so I did not have a part-time job, but I know that there are many opportunities to work.

What’s your favorite hobby?

I like to drink and have conversations with my friends.

What is your view of the future?

I would like to move to a place like the Jeju Island where it is full of nature and have a self-sufficient life, as well as managing a hot spring house.

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