Distinctive Features of this School

History of the Nakamura Schools

History of Nakamura Schools, where top class professionals are educated

Over 60 years of history 
and reputation

Over 60 years of history 
and reputation

Nakamura School was established in 1949. A professional training college with over 60 years of history. Turned out more than 10,000 graduates, who have succeeded in Japan as well as overseas.

In 1949, Nakamura Japanese Cuisine Girls College which was the former Nakamura Culinary School was founded by Haru Nakamura. The “bond” between people and their hearts has always been the origin of our teachings.

-The strong network that supports Nakamura Schools-

Incorporated Educational Institution Nakamura Senshu Gakuen Incorporated Educational Institution
Nakamura Gakuen

  • Nakamura 
Culinary School
  • Nakamura 
International Hotel School

- Nakamura Gakuen University
- Nakamura Gakuen University Junior College
- Nakamura Gakuen Sanyo Junior
   and Senior High School
- Nakamura Gakuen Girls' High School
- Nakamura Gakuen Iki Kindergarten
- Nakamura Gakuen Asahi Kindergarten
- Nakamura Gakuen Ohisama Preschool
- Operations department of Nakamura Gakuen

The many records and awards

The many records and awards prove the high quality and strength of Nakamura.

2 graduates of Nakamura School, acquired 1star !!

The Prime Minister Award, 
for number 1 in the country was awarded!

4 winners 
were from our school

Award received

Assembled with famous instructors

Top-class techniques, taste, and mind. Special instructors will give direct instructions to students.

Special lessons from the top chef 
and top patissier, who succeed worldwide.

We will invite famous chefs and patissiers to perform techniques and taste right in front of the students which usually cannot be seen. As well as technical advising, they will also be teaching interesting details about mental attitude, and the key to success.

Hiroyuki Sakai

Yoshihiro Murata

Chen Kenichi

Shigeru Nojima

SailerAdolf Sailer

Ryu Sano

Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

A perfect place to improve specialized skill, with fully equipped environment just like a professional

Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

전Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

Japan’s largest class kitchen stadium

Restaurant operation training 

To accomplish practical skills, a curriculum where students operate a restaurant

Restaurant operation training 

Pastry shop training

Everyday improvement will eventually lead to customer satisfaction. Nakamura “Pastry shop training”

Pastry shop training

About Nakamura


Foreign Students

  • Fascinating of Fukuoka
  • Surrounding areas and Access Map
  • “Michelin Guide France Published in 2012/Published in 2013”
  • Fully supplied just like professionals
  • Nakamura of graduates
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