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We help train a “true patissier” 
who can make pastry by creating new value.

2 years Pastry Course

About 1,680 hours of convincing practical training

2 years that will make your possibilities bloom.

1 years Pastry Course

You will be able to acquire the qualification for taking the Confectionery Hygiene Master examination in a year.

한Also recommended for people who already have experiences in your home country.

2 years that will make your possibilities bloom.

Total amount of class time 2200hours

 Practical training time1,680hours

Number of cuisine280kinds

In the 2-year training you will not only learn confectionery techniques and knowledge, but also systematically study about baking bread and making Japanese sweets. One of the special features is the overwhelming amount of training hours, in which 3 out of 5days will be practical training that eventually would add up in 2 years to be a total of 1620hours. Furthermore, you will have internship twice in 2years. In Nakamura School’s original curriculums, you will certainly improve. You will have challenging days for various pieces of work and a great future.

Also recommended for people who already have experiences in your home country.

Total amount of class time1,140hours

 Practical training time480hours


The “ Pastry Course” was established with the know-how that our school has cultivated as Fukuoka’s first School to create a confectionery course. We offer lessons that teach confectionery theories and help you acquire skills with 480 hours of practical training so you can graduate in a year with qualification for the Confectionery Hygiene Master Examination. This is recommended for people who want to start actual work quickly and also for people who have already experienced other work, have graduated university, or junior college.

Pickup Curriculum

Pastry and bread
baking training

You will learn how to work with ingredients, and basic knowledge and how to make dough.

Pastry shop training

You will sell cakes and baked sweets to general consumers.


You will study basic techniques on Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine.

Beverage theory

You will study coffee, tea and other alcoholic beverages.

Hygienic regulation

You will study law required as confectionery expert.

Public Health

You will learn basic knowledge on public health.

Confectionery theory

You will understand the different types, components, and features of the ingredients from a scientific view.

French language

You will study French words used in confectionery. You will also acquire knowledge to be able to write on your own.

Pastry shop training (for 2 year pastry course only)

Pastry shop training (for 2 years Pastry course only)

Everyday improvement will eventually lead to customer satisfaction. Nakamura “Pastry shop training”

You will actually be selling Japanese sweets and baked sweets that you make in your training lessons in our school shop, “Printemps”. You will experience the flow from making to selling and manage earnings and expenses, hygiene, as well as service and signage or display. (※This program is only for 2 year pasty course)

일To experience the series of flow will be the prime mover 
to making your dreams come true

Preparation of the

Baking the dough that
you shaped

Having the instructor

Wrapping the baked 

How to display in 
a showcase

pack the sweets in a box
to hand to the customers

Out of school training Improve skills by studying with professionals. “Out of school training” in popular pastry shops.

Tokyo  The Peninsula Tokyo

To work and experience with professionals who succeed in the front line of this industry will give you a good opportunity to reconfirm your dreams and know what techniques and mind you need to acquire. You will improve quickly by learning things and experiencing something you could not have gained in class lessons.

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